BC Patient-Centred Measurement Working Group (BCPCMWG), Vancouver BC

Privacy and Security Advisor

  • Engaged to establish a Governance Committee and redefine the processes for the release of Ministry of Health data for research, liaising with the Health Authorities, Ministry of Health and the BC research community.
  • Lead the Privacy work related to the centralization of Patient Survey data in the Ministry of Health’s data warehouse.
  • Developed a strategy for managing the Privacy and Security aspects of centralizing 17 million records within the Ministry of Health, liaising with the BC Health Information Privacy & Security Council to ensure their approval of the approach and the project in general.
  • Developed a plan for the central storage of patient satisfaction survey results.
  • Conducted several on-site Privacy and Security audits of contracted Service Providers.
  • Developed procedures for BC Health Authorities to receive raw survey data.
  • Provided input and support on multiple privacy impact assessments.

Vancouver Coastal Health Authority / Providence Health / Provincial Health Services Authority (VPP)

Clinical Systems Transformation

  • Engaged to develop a Data Governance Framework and Access Model for a shared secondary-use Data Warehouse.

Yukon Liquor Corporation, Whitehorse, Yukon

Video Surveillance Project

  • Coordinated the development of two PIAs related to the Yukon Liquor Corporation's role in the distribution of recreational cannabis.

Yukon Government, Department of Health and Social Services, Whitehorse, Yukon

Yukon eHealth Project

  • Led the Privacy work associated with the implementation of the 3 Yukon eHealth projects (Lab Information System, Drug Information System and Client Registry).
  • Chaired the Yukon eHealth Privacy and Security Working Group.
  • Provided support for the development and implementation of policies, procedures and a toolkit in preparation for the implementation of new Health Privacy legislation.

Multiple additional projects included:

  • Coordinated a Privacy Impact Assessment on the Yukon Hospital Corporation’s primary clinical information system.
  • Supported the development of a Privacy Program within the department of Health and Social Services.
  • Provided insight and guidance to senior management on the implementation of a governance model for the Yukon Health Information Network (eHealth systems).
  • Engaged as a Privacy and Security Advisor on the purchase and implementation of an integrated case management system.
  • Coordinated the privacy work on the implementation of a Home Health Monitoring project, a Tele Mental Health project, and a Community Nursing project.
  • Conducted a Privacy Impact Assessment on the use of video monitoring in the several Health and Social Services facilities.
  • Coordinated a Privacy Impact Assessment on the Claims Processing System within Insured Health Services.
  • Coordinated the development of a PIA Manual and the delivery of training to Yukon Government employees on conducting PIAs.
  • Coordinated the development of a PIA on a Plexia implementation.
  • Coordinated the development of a PIA on the use of video surveillance within the Whitehorse Correctional Centre.

BC Centre For Disease Control, Vancouver BC

Public Health Reporting Data Warehouse

  • Conducted a PIA and developed a Data Governance Framework and Information Sharing Agreement for the operation and management of a Public Health Reporting Data Warehouse.


  • Engaged to lead the development of a Data Governance Framework for Panorama.
  • Developed an Information Sharing Agreement between BCCDC, the BC Ministry of Health, and the BC Health Authorities.
  • Developed a Data Management Agreement between PHSA and Yukon to define parameters related to the hosting of Panorama for Yukon.
  • Developed a Memorandum of Understanding between the BC Ministry of Health and PHSA to transfer Panorama custodial responsibilities.
  • Established and supported the Panorama Data Governance Committee in the development of related policies and procedures, and the development of other Committee processes such as including public and research representation on the Committee.
  • Negotiated changes to Data Governance Framework and ISA to facilitate the on-boarding of First Nations Health Service Organizations and Yukon, and developed the approach to guide those changes through the Committee approval process.
  • Developed a Research Policy and Procedure for Panorama data.
  • Conducted a PIA on the Yukon TB and Immunization data conversion activities.

Fraser Health Authority, Surrey BC

Multiple projects spanning several years

  • Conducted a PIA, Gap Analysis and developed a Transition Plan for the on-boarding and eViewer components of the provincial PLIS project.
  • Conducted Privacy Impact Assessments on lower mainland health care consolidation projects led by Fraser Health including Facilities Management, Protection Services and Pharmacy.
  • Conducted the Technical PIA for the Infoway funded myHEALTHPlan project.
  • Conducted the Conceptual PIA for the Surgery and Care Centre.
  • Conducted a Conceptual PIA on the PARIS project.
  • Conducted an overarching PIA on the Integrated Health Network program.

Northern Health Authority, Prince George BC

Provincial Lab Information System

  • Conduct a PIA, Gap Analysis and developed a Transition Plan for the eViewer component of the provincial PLIS project.

eHealth Ontario, Toronto ON

Community Care Information Management Program

  • Engaged as a Privacy and Security Advisor to the Integrated Assessment Record rollout in Ontario with a focus on supporting the Community Mental Health Common Assessment Project.
  • Developed a Privacy and Security Toolkit for Community Mental Health Programs and Services in Ontario.
  • Participated in the development of the Privacy and Security requirements for the Integrated Assessment Record.

Chiefs of Ontario, Toronto, ON

First Nation Panorama Deployment in Ontario Project

  • Reviewed and remediated the conceptual privacy impact assessment for the First Nation Panorama Initiative, focusing on the inclusion of the Federal perspective and First Nation Information Governance principles.
  • Developed a logical privacy impact assessment on the project.

Royal Victoria Hospital, Barrie, ON

Data Centre RFP Assessment

  • Developed an assessment tool to enable the hospital to assess the privacy and security controls identified within an RFP response for a new data centre. The tool was based on ISO27002 as well as several Ontario government standards.
  • Applied the tool to an RFP response, identifying gaps and potential risks, reviewed gaps and potential risks with the vendor and negotiated acceptable solutions.

BC Ministry of Health, Victoria BC

Home Health Monitoring Project

  • Engaged as the Privacy Lead for the provincial Home Health Monitoring project, a joint initiative between the Ministry of Health, the BC regional Health Authorities and TELUS (work was on behalf of the Ministry and Health Authorities, but the contract is through TELUS).

Audit Framework

  • Engaged to develop an Audit Framework and implementation plan to audit compliance with the privacy and security requirements set out in the Ministry’s Access Agreements (Information Sharing Agreements, Information Sharing Plans, Research Agreements, and General Sharing Agreements).

Aggregated Health Information Project

  • Conducted a privacy impact assessment on the Ministry’s data warehouse, which at the time contained more than 3 billion records.  The project involved reviewing extensive documentation; interviews with data owners, system architects and programmers; identifying data elements; mapping data flows to and from multiple departments and organizations.  The final report described a complex system, highlighted key risks and possible mitigation strategies, and did so in terms that were understandable by the target audience.
  • Conducted a security threat risk assessment on the Ministry’s data warehouse.  The STRA process involved conducting a business impact assessment with business leads, and leading technical groups through the Healthcheck and threat and vulnerability assessments.
  • Initiated the process of designating the Ministry’s data warehouse as a “health information bank”.  This was the second designation order to be undertaken in BC and much of the effort was focused on working with the Ministry’s Data Stewardship and Policy groups to establish the process and responsibilities.

InterTribal Health Authority, Nanaimo, BC

TeleOphthalmology Project

  • Conducted a security threat risk assessment on the TeleOphthalmology project based on the BC Ministry of Health Services’ standard STRA tool with the final report being approved by Canada Health Infoway.  The process included identifying and gathering input from the business owners and the technical team and working closely with the ITHA personnel and Infoway to develop the final documentation.
  • Developed security architecture for the TeleOphthalmology project which identified the security controls required for the project.  The final document was approved by Canada Health Infoway.

EMR Project

  • Conducted a security threat risk assessment on the ITHA’s electronic medical record solution.  The EMR project included all member nations and one community from each of the five provincial First Nations regions for a total of 34 implementations.

Provincial Health Services Authority, Vancouver BC

Multiple projects spanning several years

  • Negotiated with external organizations to secure data for a provincial database from other organizations, and conducted a privacy impact assessment that clearly articulated the purpose of the program, the legislative authority to collect information and the privacy and security controls in place.
  • Conducted a privacy impact assessment on the existing lab system and the porting of a subset of the data into the Provincial Lab Information System.
  • Conducted a privacy impact assessment on a provincial registry.
  • Conducted numerous privacy impact assessments on applications including the Child Health Assessment Tracking System, the Prenatal Genetic Screening Program, the Newborn Screening Program, Colorectal Screening Program, and others.
  • Developed organizational privacy and security policies and procedures.
  • Privacy advisory work on the use of certain tools such as Skype and email and their place in the provision of health services.

Elemental Privacy & Security has provided consulting services to the following organizations:

  • BC Patient-Centred Measurement Working Group
  • Providence Health Care
  • Fraser Health Authority
  • Vancouver Island Health Authority
  • Interior Health Authority
  • Northern Health Authority
  • Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
  • Provincial Health Services Authority
  • BC Women's and Children's Health Centre
  • BC Centre for Disease Control
  • BC Cancer
  • Yukon Government, Health and Social Services
  • Yukon Liquor Corporation
  • BC Ministry of Health
  • Alberta Cancer Board
  • Chiefs of Ontario
  • InterTribal Health Authority (BC)
  • General Practice Steering Committee
  • eHealth Ontario
  • Royal Victoria Hospital (ON)